About Us

New Life Drug Rehab Centers can be described as featured in-door drug rehabilitation facility that deals with the complete human being. We believe treatment is a personal understanding and customize a drug rehabilitation program to complement every person employing the revolutionary medical courses available to guarantee good results.

Our greatly skilled medical workers have plenty of past experiences & are fully devoted to facilitating each individual who crosses our upper limit thru the therapeutic process. We believe you are worthy of pride & kindness in the process & provide a mild medical detoxification, collective and exclusive therapy, holistic care, nutritional guidance & additional rehabilitations intended to reconcile towards the joy of dwelling all with our peaceful, home akin environment.

Drug addiction is actually a disorder that requires not just physical treatment plan but mental and divine as well. We think treating one without the other in this trinity isn’t really curing the entire person. The twelve-step plan is at the foundation of our remedial course and we build from there personalizing it to suit each patient.

In addition we supply treatment plan for the people lodged among pain and drug addiction to pain medication as well as those troubled with depressive disorders, anxiousness, anorexia & anorexia. Our personal evidence-based practices produce a unique healing endurance for anyone undergoing affliction in a compassionate and tender environment.