How can I get treatment?

Initially, we desire to state that you are astounding & we are set to facilitate you. Call up our toll free # 650-931-6787. It is totally confidential and our in-take staff members are experienced to resolve your whole questions & help you through the admission procedure.

What can you take care of?

New Life Drug Rehab Centers has treatment courses for all kinds of alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety symptoms, pain assistance, anorexia and bulimia. Our therapies comprise:

* Gentle and safe medical detox

* Cognitive behavioral treatment

* 12-step programs

* Alternative and organic remedies

* Joint and private advising

Who do you cure?

Alcohol addiction is truly a sickness that doesn’t fully understand the meaning of discrimination. We heal older people from all competitions, beliefs, backgrounds and education amounts.

Would you accept insurance policy?

We do acknowledge insurance plan. Our drug consumption professionals are trained in working with insurance agencies to find you the treatment you obtain.

What is the expense of solution?

Charge will change depending on a number of of following elements:

* Period of stay

* Aftercare options

* Non-compulsory sober spouse or interventionist services

Are there diverse treatment levels?

Yet again, drug addiction is a disorder that won’t know discrimination or amounts of care. Regardless of your treatment program, insurance coverage or duration of stay, we provide each of our clientele who cross our tolerance with world-class remedy regardless of record, economical status, religious beliefs or education.